The Black Deaths : Death

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The Black Deaths: Death
One of the most devastating pandemics in history during the 14th century caused turmoil and massive death amongst Europe. The disastrous disease known as the Black Death ultimately wrenched society in melancholia and disseverment. As a result, a series of social and economic upheavals had a profound effect on society; creating lack of optimism of better days. The people suffered religiously because the pandemic displayed a darker side of life leaving them to question their beliefs. Eventually, such upheavals relinquished and a sanguine time befitted Europe. Although the black plague claimed the lives of millions and placed kingdoms in turmoil, the plague actually improved economic conditions for its survivors. Depopulation allowed wealth for many people and Europe was on its way into a new age of prosperity.
The black plague was a fatal disease that was the result of bacteria called Yersinia Pastis. This disease carried by fleas infected rats and then later infected humans caused the humans they fed on to become gravely ill and in most cases die. After exposing itself, the Black Death was extremely devastating because Europe was already in a state of economic despair and hardship. Other events had already caused significant change in minimal periods having a profound effect on the population other than the Black Death. The most notable, The Hundred Year War, occurred during, before, and after the Black Death, and lasted 116years. This war caused
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