The Black Doll Test Was First Performed In The 1940S By

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The black doll test was first performed in the 1940s by Drs. Kenneth Bancroft and Mamie Phipp Clark. The test consisted of selecting random Afro-American girls and giving them a white and a black doll with the purpose of identifying each one as either the good or the bad doll. The result was that every girl chose the black doll as the bad one and the white doll as the nice and good doll. The article, Black doll collection goes on display in South Florida, by Cynthia Roby, describes the remake of this experiment in 2005. Kiri Davis, then a student in the New York City, made a film where she had twenty-one little African American girls, do the same procedure and the result only showed that after more than fifty years the issue continued to…show more content…
“All you can see is the little black girl that get the little black doll, and her face drops.” “It is sad but they often cry when they get the black ones.” African American generations are growing with a mindset that they need to follow certain white models and to believe their own value to be insufficient, and not good enough. The inferiority of the black race has emerged since the times of slavery, and it continues to affect the construction of a black identity. The girls used in this experiment were pre-schoolers who had not developed self-conscious of race and its meaning or value. Yet the results of the experiment showed how the innocence in the mind of young African American individuals has being shaped by white ways that are rooted in the western white thoughts and their beliefs of superiority. It demonstrates the consequences of segregation which started to shape the social levels and the values for each race in the country. As African American families were growing and raising their kids in a system which marked them as inferiors, the internalization of racial issues began to develop. The experience of African American individuals in America has always been one of inferiority and that must be dominated by the white supremacy in the country. This experiment shows every aspect of colorism on it, even African American people are supporting the devaluing of the black race in the country, as they support the white model as the good one.
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