The Black Hand And World War I

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The Black Hand and World War I Sophia Reider Ms. Beck Honors World Cultures Period 3 19 May 2017 On July 28th, 103 years ago, the war of the nations, the great war, or in other words, World War I began. To this day, it is still largely debated as to which event initiated the beginning of the war. John Rohl, emeritus professor of history at the University of Sussex, argues that World War I broke out as the result of a conspiracy between the governments of imperial Germany and Austria-Hungary to bring about war. The purpose of bringing on the war was that the two countries believed it would be better to go down fighting rather than to continue tolerating the status quo. The countries also did so in opposition to Britain because of its…show more content…
The Turks called for parliamentary elections, and in result, doubt was placed in the status of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The two provinces had been under Ottoman sovereignty, but were administered by Austria-Hungary since 1878. Serbia wanted to unite with Bosnia and Herzegovina to form a large Serbian kingdom. In opposition, Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Balkans. Austria-Hungary teased Russia with a trade-off, which promised that if Russia accepted the annexation, Austria-Hungary would open the Dardanelles to Russian warships. Instead, Austria-Hungary proceeded with counteraction. The annexation left both Serbia and Russia outraged. Germany, too, demanded that the Russians accept the annexation, or Germany would declare war. In response, Russia increased comfort and aid to Serbia, and the two countries were determined to never again back down in the Balkans. Between 1912 and 1913, the Balkans fought two wars among themselves. These wars resulted in huge casualties; the Bulgarians lost around 65,000 men, the Greeks 9,500, the Montenegrins 3,000, and the Serbs at least 36,000. The wars caused the people in the Balkans to become angrier as tensions among the Great Powers continued to grow. The instability in the Balkans was initially attractive to the Great Powers because they wanted to gain influence. However, the

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