The Black Hills Of South Dakota

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Lets take a trip back in time to 1884 in the Black Hills of South Dakota. A New York lawyer had just traveled there to inspect mining claims in that region. The man 's name was Charles E. Rushmore. Rushmore was curious by one of the mountains and asked a towns person what the name of the mountain was. The towns person replied saying it had no name. From then on Charles Rushmore started calling it Rushmore Peak. Over time it became known as Mount Rushmore ( During the following years the area of the Black Hills decided they wanted to start attracting tourist the region. I the early 1920s the state historian of South Dakota, Doane Robinson, came up with an idea to attract tourist. He thought of the idea to to carve famous historic heroes of the west into the side of the mountain ( In 1924, Robinson decided to contact the famous American sculptor, Gutzon Borgium, about his idea. Borgium at the time was working on another project for Georgia, but Robinson was able to convince him to abandon his project and come
Before picture of Mount Rushmore to the Black Hills. When Borgium arrived in South Dakota he suggested that they use George Washington and Abraham Lincoln because of their significance to America. Later, he also decided to add Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt. Robinson and Borgium both decided that the sculpture would be dedicated to these four men to recognize their contributions to the birth of democracy and growth of the United States.
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