The Black Imagination By Bell Hooks

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In the featured article ‘Representing Whiteness in the Black Imagination’, the author bell hooks brings our attention to her opinion of the impression colored people would have on about white people. Bell hooks opens her article by informing us about the times of slavery and how black people would gossip about what they have observed of the white folk. This knowledge was shared for their survival and easier living as domestic servants. Now, however, colored and white people live coherent with one another but hooks argues that even now the hatred still exists. Hooks explains that systems of domination, imperialism, colonialism and racism have taught the black man to imitate the white (or ‘ghosts’ as she refers to) but still contain the fear and hatred for them. When observing a scenario where the white race first views a black individual the impression the white man has, is different from that of the amazement the African American had in the scenario where African American saw the first white man. Hooks noted that during classroom discussions white students are amazed that black people would think so highly of them. This is racist thinking, as racists believe that they are superior to the gaze of a black man. This racism still exists in society today as the media rarely uses a black figure, symbolizing that the black man is far beneath the white man. The white man is eager to write about blackness but black people do not as they are afraid of offending their readers. Even
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