The Black Imagination By Bell Hooks

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Representing whiteness in the black imagination is an article based on black perceptions and emotions regarding whites and their wrongful actions. Bell hooks, the author, voices the true emotions of blacks and discusses different ways in which whites attempt to modify these perceptions. She includes real-life experiences of people of color and stresses their emotions and fear when witnessing a white person. The article, Representing Whiteness in the Black Imagination, by bell hooks, abandons traditional studies focused on white perceptions of black and instead is based on discovering the hidden views of the oppressed towards the oppressor. The author investigates ways in which whites attempt to deceive blacks through binaries between black and whites, invisibility approaches, and assimilation and forgetfulness, in order to maintain a positive perception of whites, despite their unjust actions. Throughout hooks’ article, she introduces the idea behind binaries between black and white and our minds unconscious dependence on them. Hooks discusses how society is taught to automatically associate the term black with bad things and white with good things without hesitation. This indirectly deceives blacks into affiliating themselves with negative terms and ideas, leading to unconscious self-hate. Hooks states, “ Though systems of domination, imperialism, colonialism and racism actively coerce black folks to internalize negative perceptions of blackness, to be self-hating, and
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