The Black Lives Matter Movement

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Words can either help the cause or bring further confusion, which in the end destroys the solution to that issue. Kenneth Burke once stated “Rhetoric is the use of words by human agents to form attitudes or induce actions in other humans” (Pitchford, Aug 31 2016) The very way something is stated can either bring forth the support and encouragement needed or cause a major divide amongst those who want a change and those who don’t perceive the issue as a real problem. The media does a great job of taking issues and flipping the mission statements of many groups to gather a response from others. This phenomenon is known as miscommunication, which happens on the daily with anyone who uses words to communicate ones views and understandings. An issue that has become prevalent in the news recently is the unlawful murders of African American citizens by law enforcement. To combat this issue, a group of concerned citizens rose up to demand a change, known as the Black Lives Matter movement. Due to others not clearly understanding the mission, the connotation associated with the movement has turned negative from conservative media. Those participating in the protest for a better justice system have been painted as hoodlums, racist, and disturbers of peace. The news outlets have become biased on the information presented to the public, in fact the updates of the movement have begun to play on the fear of the viewers. The act of rearranging words, and taking one group of

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