The Black Lives Matter Movement Essay

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Every day, people across the United States follow a routine that is unique and modeled around each individual and their schedule; however, the average American adult’s day could be generally described as follows: wake up, eat breakfast, drop off kids, go to work, eat lunch, run errands, pick up kids, eat dinner, put kids to bed, do chores around the house, go to sleep. Now imagine a person having to find the time in their schedule to pencil things in such as, “remind child to not walk with hood on”, “be assertive but still polite”, “do not do anything to make yourself seem suspicious, even if you have not done anything wrong,” just because the color of their skin may be slightly darker than the average American. Families and how race effects them across the country are on the minds of historians, sociologists, and ordinary people alike – especially since the past couple of years these academics have dedicated their time to analyzing the Black Lives Matter movement. Yet, they seem to be at a crossroads on whether or not the movement actually effects families. Now, regardless of what society might say, the Black Lives Matter movement undoubtedly effects families of today’s society, just as racial equality movements of the past effected families of the past and to say the opposite would be absurd and incorrect. While many citizens of the United States seem to assume that the ratio of white Americans to black Americans is roughly equal in today’s times as compared to

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