The Black Lives Matter Movement

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Discrimination is a struggle that African Americans know all too well. The Black Lives Matter strives to stand up for those wronged by society and also raise awareness to an issue that has surprisingly gone unresolved. The articles “ Black lives Matter: A movement takes shape”, and “ The condition of black lives is one of mourning “ both show the dire need for the black lives matter movement through a combination of appeals that allows them to draw attention to different aspects of the problems without having to directly say it. According to the International Socialist Review, the Black Lives Matter movement is important because it draws attention to the harsh reality of society. The objective of the movement was to “create a political space within and amongst communities for activism that could stand firmly on movements that came before.” There is great credibility to this statement because it alludes to the civil rights movement which was a big part of history. This article establishes its credibility by using another movement to justify itself suggesting that the BLM movement is just a modern civil rights movement. The New York Times article “The condition of black lives is one of mourning” states that the movement points out the hypocrisy of the American Dream by showing how “anti-black racism is in the culture.” The article suggests that racism is in our laws, advertisements, justice system and more aspects of our culture. This gets the reader thinking. This statement

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