The Black Man Monologue

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Following him into the room were two men, one dark skinned and one light. The black man was named Leroy, the white man was named Harold. Leroy had a dark blue trench coat which often times allowed him to carry a full length shotgun underneath without anyone giving a second glance. He had a grey suit and grey striped tie to match. Leroy was bald, his face significantly scarred. He menacingly scanned the room, moving about to inspect every corner. Harold on the other hand couldn’t be bothered to turn his head. He stood directly behind his boss and never seemed to move much at all. Harold was easily the tallest man in the room, including the men who were to arrive shortly. He wore a brown leather jacket with a soft wool lining. The jacket matched his hair and sideburns, which were curly and short. Being about a man in his mid-40’s, he didn’t carry a phone, only a revolver. In his left hand, was a dark black briefcase, the same color as his gloves. His right hand frequently checked his watch. The three might have been early, but the others were right on time. The ones with something for sale walked in single file, but unlike the buyers, the most important one was last. The first two were completely without the…show more content…
When he was seven his mother told him that “television will rot your brain.” But he did the exact opposite of what she might have hoped, he watched so much T.V. with the very hope in mind that his brain would melt and pour out his ears and nose like glue. His first drug was caffeine, which was one that allowed for much experimentation. He drank coffee, energy drinks, and eventually even tried it in pill form. He started drinking at sixteen, but unlike most, he didn’t dive in head first. He tried one drink, then two, then more, each time testing his reactions and tolerance. He drank different types and brands, constantly playing in his mental
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