The Black Market

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Derrek Hillier Ms.Brosdahl World Literature Oct, 19, 2015 Research Paper Even though the black market seems like a good place to get the things you need for a cheap price, there is a bad side to anything you may find on the black market. The black market is a bad place and is full of illegal drugs, human trafficking, and ancient artifacts. Through the 1950s most black market sales took place at outdoor markets or bazaars. Having emerged during World War 1 in response to the regulation of prices and supplies, the black market burgeoned after the Bolshevik seizure of power. Some pros of the whole market is it helps make people money, helps people get the things they need at a cheaper price. Some people depend on the black market to live.…show more content…
Due to the difficulty of sizing up explicit drug sales, there’s not even a cheap picture of just how large colorado 's marijuana black market was before legalization, making it all the harder to evaluate how legal sales have affected it. In the case of Richard Sacra, U.S. based physician Kent Brantly donated his personal blood to help fight off the virus(Ebola). These developments highlight a larger market of pharmaceuticals, treatments, and biological material. Administered early and with a high level of medical intervention, serums such as ZMAPP may help lower the mortality rate for Ebola. However data is insufficient at this stage. Those with desire and resources are buying blood in hopes of curing current infections or stockpiling for future infections. Recent report illuminate a growing black market trade in blood from Ebola survivors. The massive trove of credentials includes user names, which are typically email addresses, and passwords that in most cases are in unencrypted text. The Adobe breach, which uncovered in Oct. 2013, yielded tons of millions of records that had encrypted passwords. Globally, illegally traded and counterfeit pharmaceuticals generate more than $75 billion USD annually. In addition to the internet-driven parallel trade in pharmaceuticals and fluids, one often finds in other parts of the world other forms of parallel markets. A cyber security firm said that it uncovered stolen
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