The Black Middle Class Citizen

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I am better than you because I am black and you are white or I am white and you are black. What does this say about the type of people we are today? Having moral power over a certain race determines the guilty and the innocent. The simple fact of saying I am better than you, does not matter on the color of your skin but how you present yourself. Steele offers us a view of what it is like to be a black middle class citizen and shows his way of dealing with the major issues of race. For me this has opened up a new way of thinking about myself and the several dealings I have had in my life with the moral aspect of race, which dove me into the reality of what obstacles we encounter everyday with the race issue.

I sat and read Steele’s words and became aware of a whole new concept of race issues. I read through the chapter of, “I’m Black, You’re White, Who’s Innocent?” and realize that there is no real innocence, I looked into myself and realized I had no idea what race was really about. Knowing this is only one point of view on race and it was an enlightening one. I see how Steele compares the different type of people and how they handle daily race issues. He breaks it down into two major groups of the challenger and the bargainer, in which I had never even thought of looking at race from that angle. Steele says, “A challenger says, if you are innocent, then prove it. Bargainers give in hope of receiving: challengers withhold until they receive”(11). I then began to use this
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