The Black Mirror Episode Shut Up And Dance

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With every action, there is a consequence. It is so ever often that someone can do a misdeed and receive nothing from it. However, there would still be speculation from it. So if nothing happens, does the person move on with their lives, or does it haunt them until they confess? Well, it depends on the person. One can be paranoid of their surroundings, while the other can forget about what they did and move on. If someone commits a crime and it caught, there will be a consequence. It can either be shortly after the crime, or years later. Frankly, someone will have to face the consequences. The criminal just has to deal with it and realize their actions are what led them to the consequence. No one made them do the action, therefore they are…show more content…
If they are forced or threatened to perform, then that it something different and can be taken care of in a different manner. In the “Black Mirror” episode Shut Up and Dance, both the child and older man were continuously being threatened to perform tasks that would endanger them. Some mysterious person would somehow find out what they did and threaten to tell people close to them of their actions unless they did what they say. As everyone would expect, and would also do, they protected themselves and their image by keeping it a secret, therefore following orders. Consequently, what they did was just as bad as their initial crime. One crime led to another and quickly escalated. Anyone would follow orders if they knew their life was on the line and either way, they will have to face the consequences; just as the kid and older man did. No matter how hard people try to cover up their mistakes, as the criminal would call it, it will always go against them. Either from their conscious, or from the…show more content…
It will go in 2 directions. One will be where they hide what they did and “accidentally” commit more crimes, while the other is that they found pleasure in committing the crime and want more of that feeling. The first direction includes someone being paranoid and doing things they do not want or that they usually would never do. It gets to a point where they have done enough damage and it breaks the person. They cannot deal with it anymore and turn themselves in since they have nothing to lose anymore. They lost themselves in the mess and the only way out is to accept it and come out with the truth. The other direction goes as such: the person commits the crime and they feel good about it. They get that high that boosts their confidence and they love that feeling. They need more of it. Therefore, they will continue to do more crimes and with each one, it escalates so they can get the same high as the first one. Each one gets worse and so on until they get caught. At that point, they are feeling so high that they are unaware of the situation until they calm down and realize what is happening. One can go either direction, but facing the consequence is
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