The Black Natives By Arthur Jarvis

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Just as the natives are overwhelmed by fear, the whites are also affected, but in a different manner than the black natives. The white people fear that the Natives will take back their land and get rid of the whites. The whites oppress the natives in order to curb that fear, controlling
Crawford 6 them and making them bend to their will. In South Africa, the imperial whites have taken over everything in the country, in essence capturing the natives. The natives are suppressed with low paying and hard jobs, little to no education, and essentially no social structure. Without this education, the natives learn and obtain little to no skills. Without good paying jobs, they have no wealth or prosperity. Arthur Jarvis says, “It is not permissible to watch its destruction, and to replace it by nothing, or by so little, that a whole people deteriorates, physically and morally” (Paton 179). Jarvis is saying that because there is no tribal integrity, the natives have little to no meaning, as the tribal system is the only way of life they know. These things cause regression into chaos and dominance of whites over them. All things are done because the whites are afraid of the potential power of the colloquial mass of natives. In order to persuade themselves that white oppression is moral, white people use the logic behind White Man’s Burden. Arthur Jarvis explains this in his writings that whites justify their motives because of philosophical or religious ideals. Jarvis
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