The Black Of African Americans

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Throughout history African Americans have always suffered hatred and have always been rejected by Americans. As of today they are still [being treated like slaves as always ranked lower then rest of the people]*How then do you account for an African-American being the CEO of one of the top global companies?*. “Going to meet the man” a story by James Baldwin is a great example of how African Americans were treated in late 1900s; how they were used as entertainment for white people and how they were never given their human rights. It also shows some of the abuses faced by black women. They were made fun of for their skin and were beaten badly if they tried to get their basic rights. The black community has been consistently rejected [all though] the history of America and has faced continued disrespect.*Is this your opinion, or your interpretation of Baldwin’s opinion?*

“Good Christ, they were ugly! and never have to enter that jail house again and smell that smell…………… they still lived like animals”( Baldwin, 1751). In this quote by James Baldwin describes how white people think towards Black people and how white people described blacks in a derogatory way, such as saying that blacks should not be considered humans. [Americans]*Do you mean all Americans? If so, how do you account for the thousands of young Americans – black and white – who went down south to help spark the civil rights movement?* characterized blacks as animals and wonder what was God thinking when he made
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