The Black Of Black Boys

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2. (A) Hook (2004) hits on a few key notes as to why black men are so angry and they all stem from the idea that manhood is synonymous with the domination and control over others. By being male they are in a position of authority that gives them the right to assert their will over others, to use coercion and or violence to gain and maintain power. This train of thought starts with what role men and women play in patriarchal culture. Being raised in this manner little boys are not allowed to express feelings and emotions. If they do, it’s generally associated with being weak. Many black parents feel it is crucial to train boys to be “tough.” Black boys are daily victimized by toxic shaming. In the black culture there is little concern about the emotional wellbeing of black boys. Many young black boys are conditioned to be victims by emotional abuse, experienced at home and at school. Emotionally abused black boys are filled with rage. Primed to act out they become adults who are rageoholics. There is often so much attention given the concrete material manifestations of the impact of racism and other forms of social oppression on black males that the psychological impact of early childhood abandonment is not highlighted. Black males are unable to think creatively about their lives because of their uncritical acceptance of narrow life-scripts shaped by patriarchal thinking. Hooks refers to such victimization and shaming as soul murdering. Soul murder is the psychological term

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