The Black Panther Party: Civil Rights Movement

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The Black Panther Party was constructed after the creation of the KKK . The Black Panther Party is a spin off of the civil rights movement. They felt that the civil rights movement was too passive and they needed a better approach towards racism. Bobby Seale, Huey P. Newton, and Marriott Golose in 1966 in Oakland, California founded the movement to make a change in the African American community. Furthermore, the movement ended in 1982 but its legacy continues in the modern day and the Black Panther Party is still relevant today.
The Black Panther members believed in socialist society because everything is equal or balanced. Also, they did not believe in a capitalist society which is built off of wealth and greed. Black Panthers fought for the rights of the African American community against racism, and police brutality. These problems are what the community
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The reason for it is many of the groups are divided. Unfortunately, the groups are stuck in their ways, which means it is harder for them to come together. The bright side of this is that the people are slowly coming together. They are finding ways to help each other grow and flourish into something great. These groups also stand up against the police and the people who give are against them due to the color of their skin.
The African American community thrived from the Black Panther Movement because it was created to help the community out. Without this movement along with the civil rights activist movement, African American societies would still be stagnant. They would continue to stagnate because these are people who seen the problem and did everything they could to fix it. The Martin Luther King Jr. movement helped spark the new era movement and paved the way. Paved the way for the youth to thrive and help the community they are apart
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