The Black Panther Party Was Created Originally In 1966

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The Black Panther Party was created originally in 1966 and was initially known as the ‘The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense’ but is now mostly known as the BPP or the Black Panther Party. It was created by Dr. Huey P. Newton alongside five other individuals who were the founding members; Bobby Seale, Bobby Hutton, Elbert Howard, Reggie Forte and Sherwin Forte (David Cunningham 87). The initial mission of the BPP was to act as a police force to oversee the actual police force in Oakland, California, which was the place where BPP was originally created. Later on, as the popularity of the group spread, they developed several factions across America. They comprised of armed citizens, who kept an eye on police interactions and dealings with…show more content…
The original party was extremely Marxist in its orientation, whereas the new one rejects both Maosim and Marxism in favor of what they perceive to be the African American alternatives to different forms of capitalism. The new Black Panther Party continues to identify itself with the original party and its members articulate that they are carrying on the legacy. However, members of the general public alongside important members of the original party view the new party as largely illegitimate. The group has even been sued by the Huey Newton Foundation members, in order to stop this new group from using the name of the original party in their organization’s title. The new party views capitalism as the main issue that it has with the current world order, and says that the solution lies with leading a revolution. However, it does not draw its influenced from Maosim or Marxism, and instead adheres to the Kawaida theory propagated by Maulana Karenga. The main essence of this theory calls for cooperative economics, collective action and black unity. Though who critique the new Black Panther Party say that the group dangerously departs from the original intentions of the party, as it is blatantly anti-white and creates further divisions in society, rather than encouraging peace and equality.
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