The Black Panther Party 's Legacy

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The recollection of the Black Panther Party’s legacy more than often remains to linger on in the collective memory as a group of armed leather- clad radicals of the 1960’s. Although this memory is true, the Black Panther Party in actuality had more substance than just their attire. They were a political organization that reinforced human rights, they were leaders of self-defense against a police state that relentlessly brutalized black bodies, and caretakers of poor black communities that were receiving little to no attention by the state. They were an organization in bloom looking to create solidarity and heal within the black community by whatever means necessary. The Black Panther Party is believed to be a revolutionary force that has helped shape movements of today. Within this analysis we would like to unearth the history of the Black Panther Party including its origins, their struggles, ultimate demise, and contributions to movements of the contemporary world. We feel that it is important to rediscover this information because most of the occurrences that had appeared in the 1960’s against black bodies continues to this day. It is our duty to learn from our teachers, like those members of the Black Panther Party, in order to educate ourselves on how to create a better future. It all started in the fall of 1966 in Oakland California when two young intelligent black male students of Merritt Junior College questioned America’s ethics. These two young
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