The Black People And The Civil Rights Movement

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Looking back on the history of black people in America, we have come a long way. We still have a long way to go, even though some progress has been made. Black people started as slaves, who were the victims of rape, murder, and many other brutal things. Then came the civil rights period where most black people were free persay, but still lacked basic human rights. Today, black people in America are living in a place that appears to be equal and racially unbiased. This however, is not true. Black people are still exposed to racism, and unfair treatment. However, many people believe that racism and racial injustice do not exist in America. I believe that the progress, that has been made thus far should be attributed to protesting instead of politics. Though politics has aided in the rise and development of black people, protesting has played a bigger role. Protests are what lead to political gain in black history during the civil war period, the civil rights movement, and in the present. Protesting is the best way to achieve racial justice in America, because protesting sets the foundation for political change to occur. One of the biggest and bloodiest protests in the history of America would be the civil war. It divided the country into two sides, the south and the north. This war can be considered a protest because the south was displeased with the abolitionist movement going on in the rest of America, and wanted to secede and form its own country so a war broke out. The
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