The Black People Of America

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Dear black people of America since a young age I’ve learned that I had to assimilate to two separate cultures. One being the son of two native nigerians I’ve had to understand my roots and second being black in America has an whole other culture and traditions the come along with it. Both cultures I have grown up with but I can never be fully belong to just one so in a way I have always been an outsider trying to seek acceptance from the two cultures. But my comprehension and my appreciation for both of my cultures have never faltered or questioned. Although at a tender age I was introduced to a great divide of the two cultures making one of my cultures to be a joke.The day I decided to wear my traditional dashiki to school was an eye opening experience which shown me how colonization has made africans to be ridiculed.
However being african has also taught me that africans ridicule black americans as well for traits they believe only reside with being a black america. White culture ridiculing black americans this transcended to the black american culture using white idealism to deride african. The term “ Akata “ is a popular west african term which means black americans but in insult form. Africans look at black americans as people with no culture and ignorant from their past and blood. The divide between africans and black americans is prevalent on both sides. Although the term “ akata “ doesn’t hold any strong historical hate like for example the term “ nigger “ it is
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