The Black Plague

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The black plague, the foremost severe epidemic in human history, ravaged Europe from 1347-1351. This plague killed entire families at a time and destroyed a minimum of 1 village. Greatly causal to the Crisis of the Fourteenth Century, Not only did the black plague take a devastating toll on human life, but it to boot contend a major role in shaping European life among the years following. The black plague consisted primarily of plague; but plague was to boot gift among the epidemic. Symptoms of the plague capsulate high fever, aching limbs, and blood unconditioned reflex. The black plagues unfold so quickly that by 1350, fraction of Europe was dead. European economy and society changed drastically following the black plague. As a result of such an enormous quantity of people had died, there was a massive labor shortage. This contributed to the highest of the structure, since serfs could usually leave their manors and make a lot of sturdy living in cities. The plague to affected religion and art that became really dark and preoccupied with death. Several people believed that the black plague came from God's extreme anger at the earth. The black plague changed European history in many necessary ways in which. Its fatal symptoms took many human lives, and its influence carried over into many areas of society. Economically, Europe flourished as results of condition allowed wealth for plenty of people. But people suffered religiously as a result of the malady brought

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