The Black Plague Of Middle Ages

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Middle Aged Europe was an expansive period of time and marked the beginning of the Renaissance. A period of time in which reformation of important social aspects such as religion, education, and the arts was active and advancing at a rapid rate. Significance of intellectual inquiry and the belief in the human mind helped shape many new philosophical ideas and theories that would be spoken about for hundreds of years. This increasingly advanced period of time was quickly halted around the middle of the 14th century by a wretched, vile disease that enveloped Europe. The Black Plague thrived in the conditions that Europe and its climate harbored along with the filthy living conditions of European cities. The declination of population was immense and altered the way the economy, arts, and religion of Middle Aged society was structured. Carrying along with these byproducts of such a devastating epidemic are the emergence of influential artists and philosophers of the time. The Black Plague originated in China ("Europe’s Plagues Came from China, Study Finds."). There is no specific reason as to why it originated in China, except that the bacteria depended on the marmots and voles that thrived there ("Europe’s Plagues Came from China, Study Finds."). This disease spread to humans mostly through the bite of a household flea that had picked up the bacteria from an infected household rat (Hanawalt, 28). During this time, once you had the plague it was considered a death sentence
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