The Black Plague : The Death Of The Black Death

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In the year 1348 the world changed forever. The Black Death, which is another name for the Bubonic Plague, laid havoc on the entire world. “The plague chases the screaming without pity and does not accept a treasure for a ransom. Its engine is far-reaching. The plague enters into the house and swears it will not leave except with all of its inhabitants…” (Al-Wardi, #29, 113). The plague did not care if the people were rich, poor, white, black, Muslim or Catholic, it would kill whomever it could. The plague brought out the worst in people because people acted selfishly, people were completely inhumane, and there was no peace. Firstly, people are selfish. All throughout life, no matter what time through history, people have always been selfish. However, the plague brought selfishness to an all new height. While hundreds of thousands of people were dying, those living were growing more and more selfish by the day. Jean De Venette claims, “The world is not changed for the better on account of this renewal of the human race. For men were more greedy and grasping after the plague, since they could possess many more goods than before” (Venette, #18, 82). Although many people’s neighbors and friends died, men were more worried about what they could grab and how much they could hoard. Even more selfish than that, “It was not merely a question of one citizen avoiding another, and of people almost invariably neglecting their neighbors and rarely or never visiting their relative,

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