The Black Plague in Florence 1348

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The Black Plague in Florence 1348 Western Civilization & the World 1 An Essay Page 1. I am a lawyer living in Florence. The year is 1348. I am writing this chronicle for my friend, Marchione di Coppo Stefani, as a strange and mysterious plague of unprecedented proportion leaves many of our citizens dead within a matter of days. I want to leave this as a legacy for those who may survive, as I have no assurance that this dreadful disease will not claim me as it has so many other good citizens of our city. I have only been able to survive so far by confining myself to my home. My rations to sustain me are few, and I am afraid that the water and air outside is poisoned with what our citizens are…show more content…
The apothecaries profited handsomely too- selling poultices of nettles, mercury and other herbs, that offered hope but no results. There seems to be no immunity. All other shops and guilds are closed, the owners either dead or having fled to the countryside for protection. Social order has decayed. What townspeople there are left, go about the city drinking and carousing- looting through abandoned buildings with no regard to neighborhood courtesy. Some carry little flower bouquets called posies which they hold to their noses to quell the smell of rotting corpses, other carry herbs to ward off illness and they douse themselves in perfume, afraid to wash in contaminated water. As a lawyer, I think about inheritances and heirs; Of all the nobility and palatial estates, with their beautiful gardens and renowned fortunes, who will be left to claim these now empty buildings if there are no rightful successors? Perhaps they will become refuges for the poor, or Orphanages for children left parentless, masoleums and monuments standing silently, the only testament to the grandeur of Florence that existed prior to it's residents' pitiful demise. Maidens, who would not consider baring their bodies in front of anyone but their handmaiden, now display themselves

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