The Black Plague in Great Britain

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The Medieval Era was a time of knights and castles, royals and peasants, plague and famine, war and death. In the 1300’s a devastating plague swept across of most of Europe and Asia. It killed millions of people. Upon reaching Britain it killed over one-third the population. The Black Death, in only a few years, had left a permanent mark on Britain, its economy, the feudalism system and its culture through the cause of the major population decline in the 14th century. The Black Plague or Black Death is believed to have begun near China in 1347, it spread to Europe by rats and fleas on merchant ships. It originated from fleas feeding from the blood of the rats. The infectious bile, Yersinia Pestis, in the rats blood would sometimes be transmitted to people when these fleas feeding from the rats bit a human, vomiting the rats bile into the blood of its new victim. Sometimes the fleas, and bacteria would be transmitted onto other animals increasing human risk of contamination. Once someone was infected the disease could evolve into the pneumonic form and be transmitted through the air.
The Black plague was a nasty thing. There were two different versions of it. The Bubonic plague infected bodies with painful puss filled sores. The other more lethal and contagious Pneumonic plague attacked the lungs making breathing hard and often made the infected cough up blood. It lasted for about a week ending most often in death, but some did make the miraculous
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