The Black Power Movement During The 1950 ' S

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The Black Power Movement took place during the 1950’s into the early 60’s. The point of the movement was to achieve civil rights for African Americans. Martin Luther King was a major influence during the early stages of the movement. Many people turned to the Black Panthers, founded by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale, because they felt that nonviolence was not the answer to achieving civil rights. The Black Power Movement unsuccessfully tried to change the economic and social inequalities of blacks, because today many blacks are still treated socially and economically inferior to whites. One reason the Black Power Movement was unsuccessful is the economic insecurities of blacks in today’s society. A major reason for the high rate of poverty of blacks is what is known as the double burden of poverty. This double burden of poverty is when a person is poor, but also surrounded by a neighborhood that is just as poor. One cannot expect to get help, or have a better life, when one is surrounded by those who are in the same situation as them. Chicago is a perfect example of a city whose poverty rate is extremely high. Statistics show in the, “five-year American Community Survey data from 2009-2013, more than a third of all poor African Americans in metropolitan Chicago live in high-poverty census tracts” (Badger). The survey reveals that the poverty rate in Chicago during this time span was over 40% and was ten times higher than poor whites. Many communities today are still
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