The Black Power Movement Of African Americans

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Social Movement Today, there are many movements that are going on due to unfair ways of oppression. Oppression can be defined as “tyranny by a ruling group to the injustice some suffer due to everyday practices of a society” (Campón and Carter 2015: 497). I chose to write about the Black Power Movement because of the recent cases of oppression that have been occurring in the United States of America. Oppression can happen to people of all races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. The black power movement cannot be placed into a box of confinement, it much more that one movement. Since the 1960s there have been many things like small protests and movements that have contributed to the black power movement over time. There have been…show more content…
Black power was said to have echoed throughout American as a cry for liberation, pride of culture, and radical solidarity. There has always been a constant struggle for economic equality. Many people saw the movement as an angry outcry due to little progress that had been made to achieving civil rights. Also, the article stated that instead of helping the civil rights movement, it corrupted the younger generation of Black activist and it reinforced segregation. It was also said to be the civil rights movement’s evil twin. Black people did not have a voice that they could speak out about injustice. The oppression of Black people was very common in the southern states. Black people were not the dominant group of people. White people were the dominant group and Black people were the subordinate group. Black people had to do what they were told by the White people, for they were in total control of how society functioned. Lynching of Black people, police brutality and unpredictable danger occurred just because the color of their skin, anyone of color was not safe at all during those times. The civil rights movement was going on around the same time that the black power movement started. The civil rights movement had a more peaceful approach. Both of the movements pushed for equality and to end oppression but the black power movement, moved beyond the south. In the article, Carmicheal said, “ It is a call for black people to unite, recognize their heritage, to build a
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