The Black Race : Feminism, Womanism And Africana Womanism

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When discussion of the black race is brought up, usually viewpoints of the man is the vocal point. As history is told from a man’s perspective, woman are left out and often, come last. Black woman in particular have reached a point where in order to be seen and heard, they have to take control of their narrative. Becoming aware of their role in the world, how society treats them versus how they need to be treated is important for future generations of woman and men of the black race to change an atmosphere in America and the rest of the world, to their benefit. Feminism, black feminism, African feminism, womanism and Africana womanism, prove to hold conflicting yet engaging viewpoints within the academic world of black woman. As some terms are preferred over others, it is still great to have discussions concerning what black women think. On the outside, negative views of feminists would be that they are gay woman who hate men, however not all feminists hate men or are lesbians. In general, feminism is the belief and fight for woman’s rights in the political, economic and social field equal to men. Even men can support this. Its beginnings come from the Woman’s Suffrage Movement in 1848 in America, and has spread to other countries in the late 1800’s. America’s history as well as other places have had a patriarchal society that is tied to the modern world’s treatment towards women. Men have been held above woman, and having religions and social institutions that stand

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