The Black Religious Community, Gospel ( Christian ) Rap

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To an entire segment of the Black religious community, Gospel (Christian) Rap has found its way to the footsteps of the church. The rapid emergence of this music and its subculture has left the church and clergy alike asking the question-- why? Especially since much of what I would call secular Rap is "off the hook" these days. How so, do you ask? There is a surplus of gratuitous violence, and sexually explicit Rap lyrics, that currently ride the airwaves and is uploaded into countless IPODs, MP3s, and websites. And what should we say about the continual overexposure and repetitious degradation of young Black women, half naked in "booty" shorts; subliminally suggesting to many that to treat all women like "bitches" and "hoe 's" is ok. It also seems to promote a certain image of street machismo or hembra which suggests that adopting a pimp or criminal type lifestyle with a gold jeweled cup filled to the rim with Remy Marty VSOP or "Gin and juice" is the ultimate form of fun, and that true happiness is wrapped inside a Maybach Mercedes Benz with 24 inch rims and a house worthy of a write up on MTV Cribs. Finally, this dream life would be nothing without mentioning the bank account that can only be accessed while visiting the Cayman Islands. Hip-hop is now a culture much like the Beatnik or Hippie of yesteryear and now to include churches. Like those references, many think that this too is a passing fad. So why is Hip-hop’s influence able to both
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