The Black Renaissance And The Great Depression

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Throughout history African Americans have not had it easy. Blacks in America have had a long struggle to gain equality and freedom, which still exists to this day. The years 1917 to 1945 were particularly tough for African Americans. Racial discrimination was at a high and segregation laws enforced the idea that blacks were inferior to the whites. African Americans desired to escape the unfair treatment and obtain equal rights, but found themselves stuck. The two World Wars drew African Americans North in search of jobs in the war industry, only to find once they arrived more discrimination and inequality. Events such as the ‘Black Renaissance’ and the Great Depression created a sense of black pride and confidence in African Americans. Together, the African Americans’ frustration towards discrimination and their new sense of solidarity would be the basis for the Civil Rights movement to come in following years. During the early 1900s, most African Americans lived and worked in the South and faced discrimination and racial violence. In April of 1917, the United States entered World War I. Nearly 370,000 African-Americans join the armed forces, with the belief that their display of heroism would make it impossible for whites to continue treating them poorly. It turned out that black soldiers fighting in the war, had no impact on the attitudes of the whites. Upon arriving home from the war, the African American soldiers had a change in attitude. They were now motivated more
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