The Black Silence Of Fear By Harry S. Truman

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Busy Wife’s Achievements is an article that was published in Life Magazine in 1956. The article describes the life of Marjorie Sutton, who was a mother, civic worker, and housewife. The article describes the lavish lifestyle that Sutton and her family shared. The Black Silence of Fear is an article that was written by William O. Douglas in 1952. The article describes Douglas’ beliefs regarding the heightened fear of communism. Douglas believed that the heightened fear drove people to distrust one another and it led people to silence their opinions instead of debating and communicating with fellow Americans on their present concerns. The Truman Doctrine by Harry S. Truman was written in 1947 and is a document in which Truman describes typical life in undemocratic nations and why he believed that the United States should provide support for countries in need. The Affluent Society was written by John Kenneth Galbraith in 1958. In the essay, the difference between the poorer classes and the middle-class in America, in the nineteen-fifties is defined. The middle class had rising retail sales, rising amounts of privately produced goods and rising personal incomes; the poorer class’ life was quite the opposite. The essay also describes why Americans ignored poverty and how they were able to be oblivious to beggars and poverty stricken people. The Feminine Mystique was written in 1963 by Betty Friedan. This essay describes the feminine mystique, which is the false idea that a woman…

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