The Black Silky Sheets

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"Heidi, Heidi!" I recognised the bouncy and young voice which accompanied the banging on the bedroom door. "Dominique? What time is it?" I stumbled out of the black silky sheets. I was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts that showed my bum so I grabbed my dressing gown out of my bag and threw it over my shoulders. Nicki was at the door when I opened it, she had a pink shoe box in her hands, "It 's just after ten. What size shoe are you? I was going to throw these away, but they 're in perfect condition and they 're gorgeous. I just don 't fit in them, anymore." "I 'm a UK size 5, sorry, I don 't know what European size I am." "It 's alright, they 're an EU 38, it says the British size on the bottom the shoes, too. I think that 's a size…show more content…
My legs and just my general body looked so much taller and thinner. I really liked them, I would have to thank Nicki as soon as I got downstairs. I put on some concealer under my eyes, some mascara and some pale face powder - just some basic make-up, because cosmetics can only fix an ugly face, not an ugly heart. I felt terrific that morning, I was in a beautiful place, with beautiful shoes, and the best part, my beautiful boyfriend. As for my hair, I just brushed it. Who even cared? Not me! I noticed something on the dresser, a round yellow bottle, I picked it up and read it. 'Citron Dimanche ', I didn 't have a clue what that meant, but it sounded pleasant. It was perfume. I knew I shouldn 't have worn it, it wasn 't mine, but a single spritz wouldn 't hurt, would it? It smelt delicious; all fruity and lemony. I placed it back and the light coloured dressing table. The room 's carpet was the colour of milk chocolate, the walls the colour of creamy white chocolate, and the freshly-washed bed-sheets were like dark Brazillian cocoa beans. There was a single large window in this long, thin, rectangular room, it was behind the double bed, and you could see the tops of buildings. I was so high up, but that was the way I liked it, just a mere reflection of how on top of the world I felt. I grabbed the coffee cup from my bedside table, it was the nice thing to do to take it down, I just got here, I wasn 't ready to start making messes in

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