The Black Snake Firework Experiment

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Introduction Throughout this whole experiment we will be dealing with several different elements. We will be using lighter fluid, baking soda, and powdered sugar. We will control the amount of baking soda added. We will start with the designated amount and increase in increments to see how large of a snake we can grow. All elements could be potentially dangerous when combined with each other, but the particular black snake firework experiment chosen is the least dangerous. In this experiment fire is a big part of the black snake. But, it is also proven that your fire can be extinguished with baking soda. That intrigued me to want to know why it extinguishes fire, and then why it doesn’t put the fire out in the experiment. Also, sugar is used in this experiment. Fireworks are and have been an interesting thing for people of all generations and it will be interesting to see how combining these three elements will make a growing black snake firework.

Literature Review
Fire needs three different elements to keep a constant flame (Everyday Chemistry). Those three things are fuel, oxygen, and heat. In order to put out a fueled flame you have to remove one of the three things fueling the fire. The most common one people try to take away is the oxygen of the fire. Also, if you provide carbon dioxide to your flame, it will not be able to burn because carbon dioxide does not support combustion. That is why carbon dioxide extinguishers are so popular. When you add

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