The Black Sox Scandal : A Fix Game Against The Chicago White Sox

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The Black Sox Scandal is a fix game against the Chicago White Sox and the Cincinnati Reds. This game was fixed by eight players from the Chicago White Sox. Players felt like they were not getting paid enough and their coach was treating them badly. The 1919 World Series was a game that changed baseball forever. There became a point where the line between ball players and gamblers were blurred. In 1919, the Chicago white coach Charles Comiskey was the main cause of The Black Sox Scandal. If coach Comiskey didn’t treat and under paid his players they would have never agreed to throw the World Series. (Society) With money problems the team was willing to do things to get more money because of the way they were being underpaid. The Chicago White Sox were together the best team in baseball perhaps one of the best teams that had ever played the game, yet they like all ball players of the time were paid a fraction of what they were worth. (Linder, The Black Sox Trial: An Account) Two of the biggest stars in baseball played for the Chicago White Sox. The owner of the White Sox only paid his two biggest stars outfield “shoeless” Joe Jackson and third basemen Buck Weaver six thousand a year. Charles Risberg and Claude Williams made less than $3,000 a year. (Linder, The Black Sox Trial: An Account) While most teams gave their players $4 a day for meals, Comiskey would pay only $3. (Linder, CHARLES "THE OLD ROMAN" COMISKEY). The players did not like the way they are treated. The
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