The Black Swan Movie

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This extreme of wanting to be the greatest is no surprise, as it is often seen in athletes’ worlds. There is pressure from the coach, the parents, and of course, from themselves. However, perfect may have a different significance for each person, it is all comparative and subjective. It is magnificent when one is motivated and strives for excellence in everything, but it is important to find out where that drive is coming from. It may be motivated by reward and praise from other people, or from an internal drive of satisfying oneself. Still, there is a world outside of being perfect, and it is crucial to find out where the control is coming from and try to handle it. It could be both, but if the control is weighted too much on one side, that’s when issues can develop, like eating disorders and other fixations. “Individuals who scored higher on more negative aspects of perfectionism were also more debilitated by their anxiety symptoms (Nordin-Bates, 2011).” This can clearly be seen in Nina’s character in The Black Swan, where she has mental breakdowns almost every night after a ballet practice. There is so much pressure, and it drives Nina to a point where she cannot strop scratching herself. She starts getting delusions and viewers can see that she is becoming schizophrenic. It is visible in seemingly everyone at the dance studio, for example when one girl did not get into the play, she broke everything in her way because of all the stress of getting that part. In Wishing
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