The Black Swan and Human Perfectionism Essay

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To what extend the need of being perfect leads man to its own destruction? Perfection seen through the film “The Black Swan”.

Claudia Patricia Villacís Galarza

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The research question of this extended essay is: To what extend the need of being perfect leads man to its own destruction? It is an analysis of perfection through the film The Black Swan. In the film the main character, Nina, is an obsessed ballerina who at the end destroyed her own life. I began the essay trying to prove that her obsession with being perfect is what leaded her to her destruction and death, but after analyzing the movie it all turned around.
I based my investigation in reviews of the film, different type of
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Or should the question be: which meaning does it have in our society? Is it even possible to reach perfection, or is it something out of the hands of a human being? It is true that perfection is something everybody strives for, to help them succeed in the things they propose for their lives. Many people aspire to be perfect in different ways, it could be a mother, a student, a teacher or even an artist with that desire of reaching perfection, but do we know the real meaning of this word? According to the dictionary one of its meanings is “a quality, trait, or feature of the highest degree of excellence.” (Dictionary, 2013) Excellence and perfection are far from being the same; which is why many people say it is impossible to be perfect but possible to reach Excellency, because perfection is supposed to exist as an abstraction of our minds, but not to be attainable in the physical world. (Wais, 2010)
As well as there is people who believe perfection is not attainable, there is also people who believe that it is possible to reach that, when they give everything they have. It is a much divided opinion, which will perhaps never come to one only general conclusion. To succeed in life people must always work hard and sometimes sacrifice some things they think are important, but putting them in front of another type of situations they would not be taken as a priority. The majority of these people who believe in perfection

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