The Black Widow By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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For essay two I decided to analyze Black Widow. One of the various reasons for this was that she does not posses superpowers, however, she still is a superhero. This is not only inspiring but she stands for a goal that we can set, we too can become superheroes. After researching Black Widow, I found that she was raised badly and throughout most of her life was being taught to kill and to be an assassin for Russia. She was brainwashed until she was saved by shield and joined the Avengers. Black Widow has always been one of my favorite superheroes because she is very skilled at combat and is a woman. She takes on men and villains who triple her size, and yet she still wins. She stands for woman, that we can be powerful if we choose to. Since as long as I can remember Ive always wanted to be Black Widow. She has always been a role model to me despite her twisted past, she overcomes the difficulty and always fights for her freedom. She never seems to give up, and her personality will always make you want to root for her. Black Widow always gets the job done and has a no nonsense attitude. I was curious to research her and find out what her true story was about. The only information I had know about her was that shown in the movies. I discovered that her past had a strong influence in the way she worked. She was an average human who had no superpowers and was able to defeat villains that were much stringer than she was. Despite being injected with something that made her

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