The Black Woman By Simone De Beauvoir

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Black women in America today are embracing their natural hair like no other time. The term “natural” is often defined differently to the natural hair community than other races. We as black women are making it a point that our hair is beautiful in the way that each hair follicle grows into the various hair textures among us. For many African American women, natural hair is a way to protest society’s expectations of beauty and create a new standard of what it means. This includes the right to wear one’s natural hair as it grows without chemicals to process it and conform to society’s expectations. Consequently, the idea that “natural hair” is “unprofessional” in any setting is baffling. The ultimate goal intended here is to further analyze the idea of natural hair as a part of culture and thus a big part of the identity of the black woman. I will first turn to Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex to which she argues that every force in society conspires to deprive women of their own individuality and compress the female gender into a category only capable of mere housework, bearing children, and being sexually submissive to their partners. Then I will focus on W. E. B DuBois’ text The Souls of Black Folks and discuss his idea of double consciousness to further the complexity of the identity of the black woman. These two ideas will allow me to demonstrate that working African American women are a product of subjectivity in corporate America because it is a world dictated by…
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