The Blame Game : Native Born And Foreign Born

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The Blame Game: Native-Born and Foreign-Born Ever since the start of opportunity and a new life in America, thousands of people have migrated over. The number of illegal aliens has hit an all time high as much as twenty million people. Many of whom may already have family over here or plan to start a new life away from their old one. Immigrants started flooding in from Europe into the New World as early as the 1600s, but there was not much of a difference until the 1900s. The trickle of different people began to be a river of people. Immigrants from all over the world entered the United States. People came from South America, Great Britain, Africa, etc, but the most heavily populated group of immigrants was the Irish. Most small famines that were exposed to a certain country or region were from the result of starvation or infectious disease for usually one or two seasons. Unfortunately, the Irish were not too lucky when the famine of the late 1840s hit. Potato blight happened consistently. A not so complex and proper name for it would be called the “fungus Phytophthora infestans, [which] robbed more than one-third of the population of their usual means of subsistence,” (Donnelly 1) lasting for about four or five years successively. Nonetheless, prejudice has been widely known across America due to the fact that ignorant Americans feel as if America is being overrun by immigrants. There are current “myths” on how foreign-born people are perceived and thought of in today’s…
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