The Blame Game- Who Is Responsible for the Bully

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The Blame Game- Who is Responsible for the Bully?


You hear the sad stories on your local and even national news, kids who pay the ultimate price for being the victim of bullying, death. Many stories gain nationwide popularity like the story of Jamey Rodemeyer, an openly gay fourteen year old who hanged himself due to the torment he could no longer take from his bullies. Another infamous story is that of Florida teen Seath Jackson, who was brutally beaten and shot to death by his tormentors all because his ex-girlfriend had a new boyfriend who didn’t like him. Hearing stories like these often makes people wonder if there wasn’t more that could have been done to stop the bullies’ behaviors. It’s not just the bully
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D'Amico (2011), more schools are increasing their responsibilities in the fight against bullying by attempting to directly deal with the bully and their behavior. Most states have an anti-bully law in effect which makes it mandatory for schools to have a "Bully Policy" in effect. This means, most schools have an appointed person or "coordinator" to deal with any reported bullying directly. This is usually done by the school launching an investigation of the reported of bullying. If the investigation finds that the child was indeed bullying a peer, the school while mandate counseling for both the bully and the victim, as well as contact both parties’ parents. While there are cases where this type of prevention has been effective, Kalman (2009), argues that the schools anti-bullying policies make the victim of the bully look like a "snitch." He also reports that the bully usually feels angrier, not remorseful, towards the victim for getting him or her into trouble. Another fault in attempting to place responsibility on the school is time and class size. While teachers may notice and report a problem with a bully, they simply cannot concentrate all their time and effort on disciplining and refereeing the bully when they can have up to twenty other students at a time that they are responsible for. Teachers and school officials only have a portion of the day to work with the child or teen who is displaying the bully behavior. They can only do so much. They can't monitor
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