The Blended Family

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The Blended Family The American Blended Family Often times we think of marriage, we think of starting a family and living happily ever after. Today’s society compared to when I was growing up is a little different. The divorce rate is higher now than it was twenty five years ago with a divorce rate of 45-50%. Over half of people that divorce remarry after about five years and the new family becomes a blended family. Blended families are defined as “any marriage in which at least one of the spouses becomes a stepparent, regardless of the age of the children” (Becnels’ definition). Of course with anything there are pros and cons with blended families which present unique opportunities for family growth. Some of the “cons” of a…show more content…
I can admit we all had our differences. I am a stickler for cleanliness and just to come home and see the house in disarray would perturb me. I had to realize instead of getting irritated to communicate my issues to my spouse, so we could have a family meeting on how to handle this problem when the kids are in our home. Being that the children are from different households we have to be aware of the different parenting they are being taught. So we have to create a set of rules for our household. The Blended Family Parenting the Blended Family Parenting is probably going to be the toughest part of a blended family. Both parents have to realize that what ever dislikes or disagreements they had while they were married, must be put to the side after the divorce because their focus should go toward the emotions of the child(ren). It is important for natural parents to be cordial and respect each others position as a parent; this is essential especially if there is joint custody or visitation. Parents should not fight with one another especially in front of the children. If both parents are constantly fighting, then they will never be able to care for the child together and it puts the child in an awkward position and force the child to have resentment towards one parent. Therefore whoever has full custody should
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