The Blending Of The Generational Workforce

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The Blending of the Generational Workforce
Rachel Williams
Saginaw Valley State University
October 20, 2014

The workforce of today incorporates employees from not one but several different generations. With each of these generations, there comes the challenge of being able to manage them effectively in the workplace. Each generation is motivated by different factors and responds differently to management styles. Human resource management of today requires being able to identify the generational differences, managing the generational differences and being able to bring them all together to produce the most effective working environment for the employee and the success of the organization they work for. In the article about Mixing and managing four generations of employees Hammill talks about how to find the perfect unity between all four of the generations in the workplace. While Jacobson discuses the characteristics of each generation, and how to properly manage each generation. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) covers the topic as a whole. SHRM explains each generation in detail and what the generation believes in, and how each generation would work together best.
The Blending of the Generational Workforce What seems to be one of the biggest complaints heard at work lately? How about, “These young kids coming in here! They are so lazy! They have no work ethic!" Does this sound familiar? It is a sentiment that can be felt in

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