The Blessed Damozel By Dante Rossetti

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Poetry is the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoke, for pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts. When analyzing poetry, images of what is taking place in the poem begin to appear in one’s mind. In “The Blessed Damozel”, Dante Rossetti painted a beautiful comparison of what the poem would look like if it were expressed with an image instead of words. Rossetti focuses on the overall theme of his poem, and transforms it into an astonishing visual that helps interpret the main idea of the written piece of work. Comparing your imaginated visuals of the poem to a piece of art created to depict a certain theme or scene of the poem helps when comparing and contrasting the annotation of the poem to an accurate description of what is taking place. Vibrant colors and organized patterns are successfully combined in the visual image of ”The Blessed Damozel,” to accurately express details of this poem. A woman rich with red flowing locks, garnished in a green robe with a white sash, is the main focus of Rossetti’s painting, “The Blessed Damozel”. Six glowing stars wrap around her head as she focuses her eyes on a man that is at the bottom of the painting. Behind her head are couples that appear to be showing different poses of compassion for each other. These couples are made of the woman in the image, and the man that is painted at the bottom of the painting. Surrounding the woman are fresh blooming flowers that are so lively, they look as if their scent…
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