The Blessed Month Of Ramadan

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The blessed month of Ramadan, the time when almost 2 billion muslims around the world are fasting and attempting to do extra good. Fasting was obligated two years after the muslims migrated to Medina from Mecca. In Mecca, the economic conditions for the muslims were bad, they were being persecuted, and often would go days without food or water. It was already difficult enough for them to find food, it wouldn 't be possible for them to abstain from something they were in extreme need off. After they migrated to Medina, it was like a sanctuary, they were greeted open heartedly, and many were actually waiting for them to arrive. After they settled down, the verses of ramadan were revealed. Many people may wonder why are muslims so excited about a month in which they abstain from food? Who would look forward to something like that? In essence there is much more to ramadan than just abstaining from food though out the day, it is also about learning self discipline, controlling your temper, and building your character. It teaches a great amount of patience. Our prophet once said, “Whoever does not give up lying and evil action, God is not in need of his hunger.” Not only is it about purifying your body, also your mind and soul. It is also a chance to increase your good deeds such as giving charity to the poor, and mending family relationships. As we go through the day in hunger and thirst, we experience the feeling of the poor who cannot afford a meal, which would result
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