The Blind Man by D.H. Lawrence Essay

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The Blind Man – And the Blind Shall "see" The story "The Blind Man" by D.H. Lawrence can be read at many levels.  On the surface, the story is about the struggles of Maurice Pervin as he learns to cope with the loss of his sight. On a much deeper level, it can be seen that Maurice is closed in by his blindness and it is through another man's weakness that he begins to “see” again. To understand the meaning of "The Blind Man", one must first try to understand Maurice Pervin. He has spent most of his life with sight and is totally blinded in Flanders. When he returns home, he and his wife Isabel adjust to his new disability. This doesn't affect their marriage, though. The Pervins have a happy marriage and at times feel it is…show more content…
When Bertie comes, he takes Isabel's attention; and their world together is tainted by another man who does not fit in. The actual changes begin to occur as Bertie is about to arrive. Isabel goes out to the barn to find Maurice. He is in the dark working in one of the stables. It is hard for her to see him and it scares her. Maurice is very much at home in the stable, though. Isabel has now stepped into Maurice's world, a world of darkness. She is no longer comfortable and feels the need to get away from her husband. He comes in to change clothes and joins the two friends for dinner. Even then, he is not comfortable. This is made apparent as he "[sits] erect and inscrutable, remote seeming" (146). As soon as possible, Maurice escapes back into his own world out in the barn. At the end of the night, Bertie goes to the barn to check on Maurice. He is also uncomfortable with the darkness in the barn. Maurice questions Bertie about his scars and his disfigurations. He asks to touch Bertie's face and in return has Bertie touch his. Both men break. As Maurice touches Bertie, he makes the comment that Bertie is not as tall and feels much younger than he imagined. This symbolizes who Bertie really is. Maurice has built Bertie up in his mind because of Isabel's praise and the fact that Bertie has sight. It is not until he touches him that he realizes this other man is not the threat he originally thought. It gives him a strength and peace to
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