The Blind Side, Based On A True Story And Directed By John Lee Handcock

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Human intelligence is like a garden. Defined as the mental potential to learn from experience, solve problems, and use knowledge to adapt to new situations, intelligence is not only nature; it is also nurture. It is reported that 50% of our intelligence is determined by heredity and the other 50% is influenced by our environments. The nurture provided by our environments, for example home and school, plays a huge role in forming our intellectual skills. Consequently, and through no fault of their own, children who are born in to and grow up in a low socioeconomic environment tend to have a lower intelligence level and a lesser opportunity to learn and perform basic academic skills. The 2009 movie The Blind Side, based on a true story and directed by John Lee Handcock, follows a homeless teenager, Michael Oher, through his journey into a new high school and a new home. Michael experiences a drastic change from an extremely low socioeconomic environment to an extremely high one and this challenges Michael in many ways.
At the beginning of the movie, Michael is a new student starting at Wingate Christian High School. During the review of his application, the school board discovers Michael is currently holding a 0.6 GPA and scored a below-average 80 IQ on the Standard-Binet Intelligence test. The average score is 85-115. Without the support of the school’s football coach, who sees athletic potential in Michael, the school board most likely would have turned him away. Throughout

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