The Blind Side By John Lee Hancock

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On the surface, The Blind Side may seem like a great feel good movie, but once the movie is analyzed, it’s apparent that the movie is filled with blatant stereotypes as well as racism. The Blind Side, based off of a true story, shows the protagonist escaping poverty against all odds and growing up to be very successful with the help of a select few. Although some may argue that escaping poverty and becoming successful like Michael did is very possible this connotation of escaping poverty depicted in the movie is highly unrealistic, contributes to derogative stereotypes, and would also be very unlikely to happen in real life. The Blind Side, a feel-good sports drama intended for everyone, especially young kids and teenagers, was released on November 20th in 2009 and was directed by John Lee Hancock. The Blind side was very successful in the box office, grossing hundreds of millions of dollars and quickly became the movie to see of the thanksgiving holiday season. The Blind Side starred Sandra Bullock, playing the role of an extremely wealthy white woman. Her character, Mrs. Tuohy, a feisty, passionate and caring Christian woman, took in a homeless African American kid, Michael Oher. Despite the success of the movie in the box offices, the movie received very mixed reviews from critics. The mixed opinions of this movie are largely due to the controversial issues the movie addresses as well as the controversial issues this movie does not address. Many critics thought

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