The Blind Side Vs. Great Expectations

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Classic Novels: The Blind Side vs. Great Expectations Classic novels are almost abundant in this day and age. One can find them almost anywhere, and the meanings can impact life in a major way. Although many books hold the honor of being considered a classic, some stories are on the outskirts, hoping to have the chance to join the ranks. Stories like these hope to one day join this honorable list. The Blind Side by Michael Lewis is one of those stories. The characters are relatable, the setting sets the tone of the story, the plot is driven hard throughout the story, and the overall themes of the story are universal. The Blind Side truly is an all-time classic. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, three main points categorize a classic. The story must be considered the best of its kind. In other words, it has to be popular among its literary genre for an extended period, such as Great Expectations or A Tale of Two Cities in the autobiographical fiction genre. It has to be an example of excellence. That means it has to be shown to make a change in the lives of people, such as Grapes of Wrath showing people they can overcome any obstacle thrown in their way. The story can not only be famous for a year to be considered a classic. It has to be remembered for years and years to come, such as Old Yeller or The Great Gatsby. In the non-fiction book The Blind Side, a young man, Michael Oher, is living in the poor suburbs of Memphis, Tennessee, in

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