The Blindside

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Blacks vs. Whites: Michael Lewis’s accurate portrayal of racism in America through his
Biography The Blindside.

Mike Ballou
February 11, 2011
English 2 CPE-Mrs. Manzo
Research Report
“An eight year old girl in South Africa recently told Ted Koppel on Nightline, ‘White people are better then black people, I wish I was white but I am not’” (Racism in America’s Schools). This statement is believed to be true by many people. People all over the world feel hatred or dislike toward a certain group of people for no apparent reason, other than because they are different from themselves. Michael Lewis wrote the biography The Blindside that captures the issue of racism through an athletic black man’s life. In his biography, The Blindside,
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They believe that inmates of different races cannot be cell mates, and as stated in the article Racial Segregation in Prison, “When cell assignments are made, the inmates are divided into four general categories: black, white, Asian, and other. Inmates are almost invariably assigned cellmates of their own race” (Racial Segregation in Prison). It is absurd that grown men have to be separated by race within a prison. With our correction institutes taking part in segregation, it makes it more acceptable for people to segregate in everyday life. Lewis displays segregation through the life of Michael Oher. Michael grew up in Memphis where the whites and blacks are extremely divided, and as Lewis explains, “The drawbridge comes down between white and black Memphis” (Lewis 141). This is significant because it describes how divided the people are. They believe that the whites should only live with the whites and the blacks with the blacks. In the same manner, Memphis has still been segregated even after the segregation laws were abolished, Lewis states, “Memphis made you wonder why anyone ever bothered to create laws segregating the races”(Lewis 45). It is clear that the people are so racist towards one another that they naturally segregate themselves because they do not want to interact with each other. Segregation also occurs in colleges; when Michael was trying to decide which school to go to his mother was told, “He shouldn’t go to
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